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About Us:   

The Noontime Net  is a wide-area coverage public service net serving the states of WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, ID, MT, CO, UT and two Canadian Provinces, BC and AB. This is the ONLY net of it's kind in that it operates on two (2) HF bands simultaneously, with a different  Net Control Station for each band. When conditions warrant we have check ins from AK to the North, Mexico to the South, HI to the West and the Mississippi River Valley to the East.

The Noontime Net's main goal is the handling of formal written messages in the form of a radiogram but there is a social component to the net as well. All licensed Amateur Radio operators are welcome to check in (as long as they are legal on the 75 or 40 meter bands) and list contacts with other operators or any messages they may have for anywhere that the National Traffic System (NTS) operates (all 50 states and Canada plus several third-party foreign countries). They are also encouraged to take messages listed for their area. We also handle EMERGENCY and PRIORITY messages for anyone needing such assistance.

The Noontime Net starts it's informal portion of the net at 1000 PT (1800/1700 Z) on the 40 meter frequency and at 1130 PT (1930/1830 Z) on the 75 meter frequency daily. The formal portion of the net begins a 1200 PT (2000/1900 Z) with a roll call of stations starting with the first letter of the suffix of your call. On even days (2,4,6, etc.) the roll is called Alpha - Zulu; on odd numbered day (1,3,5, etc.) the roll is called in reverse order Zulu - Alpha. The Net Control keeps a record of all stations checking in. Once you've checked in, there is no need to "re-check" when your call is called during the roll call.

There are no dues, no minimum number of times to check-in to the net for membership; once you check in once and you are automatically a member of the net.

We hope that you will stop by and check-in to the net on a regular basis and will participate in the Net's activities.


Lynn, KV7L
Jere, W7TVA

Radio Op

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