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History. . .

Jere Felten, W7TVA
Keyport, WA
(50 Miles from the Canadian Border)

Clyde, AA7WC (SK)       Jim, W6FHZ

John, KJ7SI
John, KJ7SI
Amateur Radio Communication
History of the Noon Time Net
written by Jere Felten, W7TVA

In 1967, a small group of highly motivated Hams got together to discuss a serious problem; The LACK of Public Service activity available during the day. Thus, the NOON TIME NET was born.

The Net flourished but remained quite small, which limited its' ability to handle traffic and do
other Public service. It averaged 12 to 24 check-ins' each day.

In 1987, the Net asked Jere, W7TVA, to become its' Leader. He realized immediately that, as long as the Net remained on 75 Meters only, it would be unable to fulfill its' potential.

However, the idea of a net with TWO Primary HF frequencies daily and simultaneously, had never been tried. The logistics of that concept are pretty hefty.

Against the advice of many naysayers, the Net launched 40 Meter operations, from scratch, while maintaining 75 Meter ops.

Things took off! Soon, the daily check-ins' was over 100 and growing. This allowed the Net to greatly increase its' capabilities for Public Service and National Traffic System participation.

Then, along came Clyde, AA7WC. Just as Jere had seen the vision to increase FREQUENCY coverage, Clyde saw the vision to increase TIME coverage. Soon, Clyde was commencing ops at 0930 and continuing them to at least 1300. This allowed working folks to access the Net at their convenience, normally only the purview of evening Nets. Now, the Net was averaging 200 check-ins daily.

Then, along came Reno Jim, W6FHZ, with His RF howitzer! We started having check ins from Arizona, Colorado, and other points never before heard from. Mobiles LOVE Him!

Deano, KM6RE, joined the posse, and we started getting a select clientele of America's FINEST. These Gentlemen can shoot RF as straight as their Smitch masterpieces!

Pretty soon, Larry, W6CI heard all the commotion and added his cheery ministrations from the deep South, garnering even more newcomers.

Mr. Bidwell, (of the famous California Bidwell's), N7YQQ, came aboard and gave us depth to the East, and a great new closing.

And, our own version of "HEEEEEEERES JOHNNY" KJ7SI, started charming all from North to South with His resonant Basso.

Meanwhile, all our fine 75 Meter Net Control's, were carrying on. Steve, KA7PMD doing Yeoman-like duty as Secretary Treasurer. Jim, K7VOT, with his "15 watt" atom smasher. Cal, W7SFT, with his whole Professional Clan and their bright style. KC7GFL, John, pushing out great RF from his nifty hilltop digs. Tom, KE7XX, sounding louder than VOA with his loop. BPL Larry, K7MQF, handling traffic wholesale. Jan, K7YH, not only holding forth with his smooth style but also writing fine articles about the Net for publications AND turning out our FB roster.

WHAT A CREW!!!!!!!!

And don't forget our great GALS! We have more Ladies on our Roster than any other Net and we love 'em all. They are one of our greatest assets joining right in with us guys on Public Service. And, yes, we HAVE had many Lady Net Controls - - and we want more!

Then, in 1999, to top off a spectacular decade of growth, we topped the 100,000 mark of check-ins for the first time in history. Not that we are about numbers, but that great volume allows us to also top 5,000 in traffic handled for the year.

Public Service is the most important activity in Amateur Radio. Traffic Handling is the ONLY daily form of Public Service. We are proud of our Traffic handlers. They are truly "Professionals in Amateur Radio!"

Yes, the History of the Noon Time Net is the PEOPLE! All the faithful Members who check in daily, our excellent Traffic Handlers, and our Leaders. Without all of them, the Noon Time Net would not exist.

So, we enter the New Millennium with a solid base and a rich History. Hey, the Noon Time Net is where wonderful, friendly, talented people do scads of Public Service while having tons of fun doing it!

If you are not an NTN Member, we invite you to become one - SOON!

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