~ Condolences ~

From: Bill,  W7ARC, Lynnwood, WA.

I considered Clyde, AA7WC a friend. He always had a kind word and a friendly voice for all those that checked into the net. Always the consummate gentleman and operator. He will be missed
From: Glen, N6GEB, Petaluma, CA.

AA7WC was the first station to come back to me the day I received my license he was not only kind but very patient. I will miss him… 73 Clyde
From: William, K6BJA, San Jose, CA

As a new Ham a few years back I visited the early portion of the noon time net to hear Clyde's humor as well as his anger over unbecoming ham communications on 7.2685. Clyde welcomed new hams and I could practice the not so easy techniques of communicating on the net. On very rare occasions I relayed weak signals into Clyde and as his acknowledgement was returned I took great satisfaction in helping AA7WC Net control.

Clyde's exchange with other members of the net explored all aspects of politics Life in general and events of the day, which added a whole new dimension to the daily news.

I spend many a pleasant hour from 10:00AM until Noon listening to Clyde's dry humor and life stories and he will be missed.
K6BJA William Auer
From: Rick, AB6XG, Antioch, CA (via Facebook)

I loved talking to Clyde. He was a true gentleman and a friendly ham. I even picked him up in the evenings when he called CQ and we would chat. He will be missed.
From: Randy, K9VD, Everett, WA (via Facebook)

RIP Clyde SK
From: Dave, KB7GP, East Olympia, WA (via Facebook)

So sad to see you go Clyde. Will miss you terribly.
From: Anthony, KC7OKV,  Renton, WA (via Facebook)

My condolences.
From:  Chuck, W7AUM, Freeland WA (via Facebook)

I'll miss his distinctive "alpha alpha 7 whiskey charlie." My Condolences to his family.
From: George, AC7AI, Montesano, WA

Clyde was a mentor, a good friend and an inspiration, very sorry to see him go.
From:  Greg, WA7MMM, Portland, OR

I always enjoyed chatting with Clyde on the Noontime Net. His witty observances on the world around him that he shared always made me laugh. And he certainly had a distinctive ham radio voice . . .
From: Eric, N6OIM, Fair Oaks, CA (via Facebook)

That's very sad news. I can still hear his animated voice calling for check-ins. He'll be missed indeed.
From:  Ron, KG6MKX, Los Altos, CA

No words only hugs, we will always hear Clyde's voice.

God Bless
From: Garry, AE5HL, Albuquerque, NM

Clyde was my first 40 meter contact and had to be the friendliest person I have every chatted with on the air! A definite benefit to the net and the larger community, he is missed!
From: Dave KE7GSK, Bremerton, WA

I have just heard of the passing of Clyde. Clyde was my very first HF contact via the Noon-Time Net when I got my General Class license. I purposely waited until he came up as I wanted him to be my first contact.

Fair Winds and Following Seas Clyde
From: Bob Denning, KI6UDZ, and wife Carol, Foster City, CA

I looked forward to hearing Clyde's voice every day. My wife always sat in the room with me while I monitored and checked in to the noontime net and still does. On hearing Clyde the first time she said, "what a nice patient man". God only knows how much patience you need at times being a net controller. And Clyde had a bunch!
We do miss him sorely! "Not goodbye Clyde, just 73 till we meet again!"